Fed-Ex-Cessna-CaravanIf you’re like me, you’ve likely dreamed of flying an airplane most of your life.  While I’ve dreamed about this for longer than I can remember, life has always got in the way of me actually becoming a pilot.  Whether it was money, time, or otherwise, something always seemed to come up.  Well, this is it.  If I have to take this one painful baby-step at a time, I’m determined to see this through.  I’m plan to walk through some of the pilot’s books I’ve acquired over the years and get some notes online.  This will hopefully help me retain better what I’m reading and prepare me for the day when I finally can go for my private pilot’s license exam.

As I am just learning most of the material, I do not claim that it will be perfectly interpreted.  Nevertheless, I will try to accurately represent the facts in these posts.  If you see something that is incorrect, please correct me.  I’d love for this to be as accurate as possible and serve as a reference for others that wish to follow in this journey.

Good luck to all!