Aviation 101 Video on Hulu

The Aviators - TV ShowIf you’re looking to just sit back and watch a video about aviation, you’re in luck.  There’s actually a video on Hulu titled “Aviation 101” from a show called: The Aviators.  The show is about 30 minutes long and, of course, has some advertisements interspersed, but I still think it’s worth the watch.

The episode itself speaks briefly about the categories of aviation: commercial, military, and general aviation.  It then goes on to show various types of airplanes and teaches us about the very basic elements of the plane.  You’ll hear about the aircraft fuselage, engine, rudders, wings, etc…  About mid-way through the program you’ll see a section that discusses the principles of flight.  This gets into details about how the aircraft is actually able to fly.  This is then followed by a review of the various pilot’s license endorsements that are needed to fly the various types of aircraft.

The closing portion of the show also discusses some of the various health ailments that can prevent you from gaining your private pilot’s license.  Some of these health conditions include: Angina, Epilepsy, Bi-Polar disease, diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Psychosis, or Substance Abuse.  There are exceptions though, so watch the episode and learn some more!  Enjoy!

Aviation 101 from The Aviators on Hulu

or watch an excerpt of this episode on The Aviators YouTube Channel: